Praise for Paradise Beneath Her Feet
by Isobel Coleman
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“No other writer I know sheds a clearer light on the social and political conflicts of the greater Middle East with more insight and sensitivity... This is a clearly written, deeply moving, and wonderfully enlightening book.”

Reza Aslan
Author of No god but God and How to Win a Cosmic War

“Isobel Coleman has written
a deeply engaging book that
shows how Muslim women—
and men—across the greater
Middle East are driving
social justice by promoting
cultural change from within
their own societies.”

Angelina Jolie
UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador and co-chair of the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation

“Isobel Coleman has written a profoundly important book that illustrates how and why women are at the core of human progress, especially in the 21st century.”

Robin Wright
Author of Dreams and Shadows: The Future of the Middle East

“Coleman travels from one hot spot to another, tracking political struggles both large and small…”

2012 U.S. Air Force reading list

In Paradise Beneath Her Feet, Coleman journeys through the strategic crescent of the greater Middle East—Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan—to reveal how activists are working within the tenets of Islam to create economic, political, and educational opportunities for women. Coleman argues that these efforts are critical to bridging the conflict between those championing reform and those seeking to oppress women in the name of religious tradition. Success will bring greater stability and prosperity to the Middle East and stands to transform the region. Read more

Pathways to Freedom - pathways-to-freedom

Pathways to Freedom

Political and Economic Lessons From Democratic Transitions

In Pathways to Freedom, Isobel Coleman offers insights and recommendations from eight political and economic transitions in recent decades. The volume includes eight country case studies that feature concise historical analysis by leading experts, and distills the lessons of history to provide government officials, business and civil society leaders, scholars, students, and other audiences an authoritative and accessible look at what countries must do to build durable and prosperous democracies—and what the United States and others can do to help. Read more